10 Days (kamillalovise)

10 Days

Siden det ikke kommer til bli fullt s god oppdatering dagene fremover, pga jobb, s har jeg bestemt meg for begynne med 10 Days Challenge. Har hatt noe lignende fr, men dette blir litt annerledes.

Day 1: Ten random facts about you

Day 2: Nine things you do everyday

Day 3: Eight things that annoy you

Day 4: Seven fears/phobias

Day 5: Six songs that you're addicted to

Day 6: Five things you can't live without

Day 7: Four words you don't go a day without saying

Day 8: Three memories

Day 9: Two things you wish you could do

Day 10: One person you can trust

S da setter jeg i gang med Day 1 senere :-)


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